17th Ulm ElectroChemical Talks (UECT)

The 17th UECT (Ulm ElectroChemical Talks) will take place November 22+23, 2021 at Congress Centrum Ulm (CCU), Germany. We are looking forward to welcoming you to this international conference in the heart of the city of Ulm.

As already known for participants in the past, this conference will provide an excellent opportunity for intellectual and social interactions. The 17th UECT is focussing on the transition of both fuel-cells and batteries from the lab-floor into mass-production. This transition comes with new challenges and tasks for both industry and academia and only close interaction in between scientists and engineers will ensure the success and the acceptance of these technologies as pillars of a CO2-free future environment.

In addition, the conference will also address the necessary infrastructure investments and the need for sustainable production and recycling. Scientific poster presentations will give the participants but especially young scientists a platform for discussions.

We are organizing this conference as an in-person conference in Ulm to facilitate the direct discussion and interaction. However, due to potential future limitations due to potential future Covid-19 regulations, we will also broadcast the conference on-line and will enable remote participation.


Following official guidance on public health and keeping the wellbeing of our community as our first priority, we are keeping an eye on how the overall situation will develop. We will carefully considering all necessary requirements to experience a safe and healthy conference.

Looking very much forward to seeing you in Ulm,

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Prof. Dr. Markus Hoelzle

Conference Chair 17th UECT

Head of Division and Member of Board of ZSW