DOLPHIN Workshop (16.06.2023 im ZSW, Ulm)

The overall objective of the DOLPHIN project (FCH-JU 2020-2023) is to validate disruptive technologies for next-generation automotive fuel cell stack designs that achieve outstanding power density while being compatible with large-scale/mass production. This will be achieved by combining innovative approaches in cell and stack design, manufacturing technology, process integration, interface quality, material efficiency and components.

On behalf of our consortium and due to your commitment and interest in the fuel cell field, it is our pleasure to invite you to our second DOLPHIN workshop.

The project is approaching its final phase and interesting results have already been achieved in terms of designs, materials and manufacturing technologies as well as the power density achieved. We would like to share these with you and discuss the final steps in the project.

More information will also be available on our website ( soon.


The registration is clossed!